Saturday, August 11, 2012

Inside Wilmington - A Photographic Tour

People are often shocked when they learn that Jonnie and I moved from Los Angeles to Wilmington, N.C. noting the difference in the lifestyle and then ask what we like about it. My response is always the same, "what's not to like about it? Really though, the people are what sold me. I love that everyone waves hello and holds doors open for you. Here neighbors look out for one another and local businesses know your name. Aside from that, I love the quaint town - the shops, the old cobblestone streets, the horsedrawn carriages carrying tourists, the restaurants, and the Hot Pink Cake Stand where you'll find the best cupcakes EVER! Yes, it is a completely different lifestyle and that is exactly what Jonnie and I wanted. Here are a few photos taken from around town that I thought would give you a little bit of an inside look at Wilmington, NC.

Downtown Wilmington from the Memorial Bridge

The USS North Carolina

Two men sit outside Old Wilmington City Market on a winter afternoon.

Riverboat Landing Restaurant

This sculpture of our native fly trap is titled "Southern Hospitality"

All of the horses on the horsedrawn carriage teams are rescues.

Horsedrawn carriage rides are a common sight in Wilmington.
The awning of the Hot Pink Cake Stand has magical powers that pull you in.

Christmas Tree on the riverwalk and the Henrietta in the background

Wyland's Whaling Wall, Dedicated August 30, 1993
Federal Courthouse

Johnnie Mercer Pier
Orton Plantation Home

Path at Orton Plantation

Wilmington National Cemetary
The swamps after a 2010 snow.

Downtown Wilmington, NC

The County Courthouse

Reflection of the clock from the Courthouse

View of USS North Carolina from the riverwalk
You can smell Kilwin's delicious fudge all the way down the street. They've been in business since 1947.

Another shot of the Riverboat Landing Restaurant, which isn't just charming, but the food is delicious.
Fountain at Airlie Gardens

Pergola at Airlie Gardens
Fountain at Airlie Gardens
Airlie Chapel in the spring.

View from Carolyn Muscle's home where Jonnie and I were married.

An alligator at Orton.
We don't eat potatoes in N.C., we eat "taters."
The Riverfront Farmers Market features local local farmers, producers, artists and crafters every Saturday from April through December.  
Market Street on a Saturday morning.

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