Sunday, August 26, 2012

In A New York State Of Mind

I love New York City - everything about it really. I love the people, the hustle and bustle, the food, the sights, the stores, - everything. I love the city most in December when the Christmas decorations are up and people are frantically shopping for the holidays. I love window shopping and popping in and out of the nearest Starbucks for a hot chai tea to warm up my fingers. I love Rockefeller Center and Central Park this time of year too. Of course, there is no better place to shop than NY City and while I'm there I always hit my favorite stores. I'm always carrying a camera as well, so unfortunately it's obvious I'm a tourist but I wouldn't leave "home" without it. Here is a small collection of photos that I've taken during several visits. Enjoy!

Only in NY. But hey, isnt' this the truth? I caught this photo a few years ago from the second floor of Hershey's in Time Square, NY. I love it.

My favorite time of year in NY City is Christmas. I love all of the store decorations, window displays, etc. As the world's largest department store and a registered New York City landmark, Macy's is more a shopping empire than mere retailer. Jonnie knows where to find me.

There isn't anything special about this photo except that I love Times Square and I have a funny story about a cab driver from Pakistan who continually called "Dunkin Donuts", "Dinkin Donuts" while I silented laughed my ass off in the back of the car.

We found David Picton & Friends playing in Washington Park and loved em.
I listen to their cd often.


Beatufiul skyline, again from Central Park.
You can't go to NY and not see a Broadway show; this was such a great show!

The beatuful skyline and Pier 17 from the bridge.

I'm not crazy about Louis Vuitton but I loved this!

Two of the things I love most about NY; the people and the food. This lovely young lady made me the best tasting crepe I ever had at Creperie - on the Lower East Side on Ludlow St.

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  1. NYC is my favorite city!

    Hope you had a great Sunday! Drop by and say hello!